Ms Michelle Phan has been suspect of nearly 50 violations and faces a bill of £88,000 for each

A foremost YouTube entrepreneur is facing lawful action for alleged copyright infringement in her videos


Michelle Phan launched her YouTube channel in 2006, in the years since, the videos she’s published have been watched nearly 1 billion times. Phan YouTube channel has more than 6.7 million subscribers and she has uploaded over 300 videos.

Ultra Records which has musicians Kaskade, deadmau5 and Calvin Harris on its books claims Michelle Phan, used songs from its artists in her popular makeup videos without a license.

The label and its publishing arm claim she has used about 50 of their songs without permission in her YouTube videos and on her own website. http://www.michellephan.com

Phan’s spokesperson is apparently claiming that she had a license. But on the other hand Ultra insists that she did not had any license. Kaskade(DJ on the Ultra label), whose work features most conspicuously in the record label’s complaint.

Now Ultra wants a court to step in and grant a ban on Phan from using its music. It’s also seeking $150,000 for each instance of infringement.

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